JomSocial Groups Kunena Forum Integration Application (JS G-Kunena)


The JomSocial Group Kunena Forum Integration (JS G-KUNENA) smoothly integrates JS Group disccusions into the Kunena Forum. Using this extension JS group discussions will be hold using the Kunena Forum solution.


Up to JS G-KUNENA v6.x


From JS G-KUNENA v7.x


JS G-KUNENA is a JomSocial-Kunena addon to link both component discussions-forums. It suits perfectly well to facilitate user interactions on those JomSocial online communities that also use the Kunena Forum solution. JS Groups discussion functionality is replaced by the more extense Kunena Forum solution.

With JS G-KUNENA you can easily link JomSocial Groups to Kunena Forums, providing a better using experience and at the same time making it easier for you to manage the online community participation. It's designed for JomSocial online communities that make extensive use of group discussions, to improve the overall user experience.

You can set JS G-KUNENA up to display any number of Kunena Forum threads. It can be further customized to show the thread creator, the user who has post the last comment and the number of user replies on the thread.

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The component includes several advanced features for improved online communities management:

  • Group discussions can be set as either public or for group members only (from JS G-KUNENA v7.0+).
  • Group members can be automatically subscribed to the group forums.
  • Kunena forums are automatically created and linked each time a new JS Group is created.
  • On automatic Kunena forum creation, group owners can be automatically set as forum moderators.

To further customize the component, you can chose one of the following display styles:

  • JomSocial style: text based
  • JS G-KUNENA style: with avatars

You can see some screenshots for this Add-On clicking on the images below:

Front-End Screenshots

Administration Screenshots

Configuration & Settings

Comments (31)
  • david201175  - doesn't work with kunena 1.5.8

    take care that doesnt' work with kunena 1.5.8

  • César  - kunena 1.5.8 compatibility has been tested and it

    Kunena 1.5.8 compatibility has been tested and it works fine.

    If you have any issue with the component, please post the information on the support forum and we'll give you guidance to work it out.

    Kind regards.

  • Addy  - Is this Compatibility with Kunena 1.6

    Is this plug-in compatible with the latest forum 1.6 Kunena ?

  • César

    Once Kunena 1.6 is stable, it will be. But we to have to wait for the stable version.

  • gilan

    Hi César

    This application looks great. Just a couple pre-sle questions...

    1. Once installed, what will happen to all existing discussions in JS groups? Will they be converted into Kunena threads?

    2. I would really like a workflow which would allow a user to start a thread using a form placed in his (or her) profile. This form would allow the user to select multiple groups (which have been joined by the user) and would publish that thread in all selected groups.

    Would this at all be possible using this application?

    3. Is this application encrypted or require what I think is called a "call-to-home"?

    Thanks and warm regards

  • César

    Hi gilan,

    About your questions:

    1.- When installed, your previous JS Group discussions will be hidden from your users. They'll still be there, but the places where these discussions where accesed from will be modified to point to Kunena and the group discussion threads on it. We're working on a migration tool to move existing JS Group discussions to Kunena, but we're waiting for the next stable release that's now on its way and that will be JomSocial 1.8. We wouldn't like to make the work twice.

    2.- What do you mean by "a form placed in his/her profile"? Where on the profile? This functionality is not available at the moment, discussions are held inside groups, and so it seems logical that they're created there. And about selecting groups to publishing the same discussion in all of them, I don't know, but it doesn't seem a friendly approach. You'll be duplicating content (which Search Engines don't like) and also you'll get people talking about the same matter in different locations even without getting to know each other thoughts. The forum target seems to be the opposite: sharing points of views, not dispersing them. In the case of global interest, my suggestion would be to unify and create an specific group for that purpose.

    3.- This addon does not require any call-to-home (is that from E.T.? hehehe, just joking). But if you are using a customized JomSocial template that is not included in the official release, we'll need that you send us some profile files (up to three) to slightly modify them to integrate Kunena. That's all. The code is open for you to modify it, and no call-to-home yet (maybe if we get very lost, we'll include that, hehehe).

    Kind regards.

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